The overall program is a broad, balanced and academically demanding course of studies. Student achievement is determined by performance against a set of standardized criteria.  Throughout grade 11 and 12 TMS students complete a variety of assessment tasks in school on a continuous basis.  This assists our students to develop their knowledge and skills in an ongoing fashion.  This carefully designed lead up ensures our students are well prepared for their final, externally evaluated IB examinations in May of their grade 12 year.  At least 20% of the final grade in each subject is derived from teacher assessed work.

Final grades in each of a student's six subjects are marked on a 7 point scale. 3 Points may be earned for work in the Theory of Knowledge Course and the Extended Essay.  Students must also complete their CAS requirements to earn their Diploma.  The maximum total mark possible is therefore 45 points.  Subject to certain restrictions, an IB Diploma is awarded for a minimum score of 24 points.

In all cases student work is examined for evidence of achievement of the following goals is they relate to each subject:

  • Understanding key concepts and retaining knowledge
  • Research and independent learning
  • Reflection
  • Critical-thinking and creative problem solving
  • Analysing and presenting information and idea
  • Intercultural understanding and being globally minded

Students who earn at least 24 points of a 45 point scale earn an IB Diploma.  The receipt of a Diploma is subject to documented minimum levels of performance in all areas and meeting the outcomes for, Theory of Knowledge; Creativity, Action and Service; and the Extended Essay.