Campus Life

The Elgin Mills Campus Promotes Adolescent Leadership.
Each Student is an Individual in the College.

The College has class sizes of 22 or fewer students taught by subject area specialists. In many cases, students enjoy the advantage of continuing to learn with the same subject area specialist teacher over a period of several years. In our close knit community, students, teachers and staff create an incredibly powerful environment of trust and respect that encourages ongoing learning in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship. Students are active participants in classes. They are strongly encouraged to speak up when they have a good idea or a question. Students know that their teachers are receptive and approachable outside of class. They also know that their teachers will approach them if they see an issue or a concern in order to provide support.

In grade 11 and 12, students are given the opportunity to guide their learning towards particular university programs by selecting from a number of different course offerings. At the same time, the IB program encourages students to maintain the development of a wide range of knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas reflecting the importance of developing a broad knowledge base prior to specialization at university. In grade 11 and 12, as part of the TMS program all students complete a course of studies that includes English, a second language, an experimental science, mathematics, humanities and the arts. While students have the option to specialize, both TMS and IB recognize the importance of developing a broad base of understanding. We also know that decisions made at 16 or 17 years of age about where one is headed in post-secondary education can change. As a result, we ensure that TMS IB students have a broad knowledg base and are well prepared to take course corrections in stride.