At TMS experiences and activities from grades 7 to12 continue to develop all aspects of students to help ensure they are terrific citizens. College students are keen to accept greater ownership and responsibility for a high level of engagement in promoting the care and respect for self, others and the environment. They contribute to the life of the School in a dynamic fashion that reflecting our TMS Ideals of Respect, Striving and Making Good Choices. Students in the College program share the belief that they can and must contribute to the experience of others in the School and in the greater community in multiple constructive ways. Our students are imaginative and tireless in their efforts to enrich and enhance TMS school life, and make positive differences for others in the community and around the world.

In addition to their efforts in academics, arts and athletics, our IB students are engaged both in and out of class in developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). Each student is guided and supported to develop effective connections with peers and take responsibility for his/her own conduct. Various House and Spirit activities create small groups which consist of students from grades 7-12. In this way younger students are afforded powerful opportunities to learn from peers and benefit from strong role models. Older students benefit from opportunities by mentoring which reinforces their own knowledge and skills. Students also enjoy ongoing opportunities for the development of their leadership skills. College students work with students from the Elementary and Children’s House programs which enriches each student’s experiences immeasurably.

For every College student, regular, real and rewarding engagement in citizenship related activities create a solid foundation for defining and achieving success in life and making many positive differences in the world.